MedDaTa – medicine in the new form


MedData system serves to automate and optimize medical institutions activity. It is easy in use and let the head to analyze the information. The current system helps to keep count of all the services provided to the patients, automatically forms all the required documentation, and composes reports on hospital work according to the set form.

The main advantage of the system is Electronic Health Record (EHR). Creation of the united health record will help to form the united informational system. All the information about the patient will be available in any other hospital or medical institution.

The System allows the customer to refuse almost from all the paper media and start working with the electronic documentation (except financial and legal documentation).

MedData can easily be implemented into medical institution of any type.

Uniqueness of the System:

MedData system provides the following services:

  • Easy staff management
    • Data processing, data storage, transferring, including accounting to the higher authority and Ministry of Health;
    • The information about patient via Electronic Health Record;
    • Recording of patients, remedy flow; injection schedule; laboratory research which are necessary for well-timed planning and conducting of consultations.

The current System corresponds to the national standards of document flow and is available on Russian and Uzbek languages. At the same time, it is characterized as high secure product, easy to install and can work offline. It can be integrated with the system of the Ministry of Health if necessary.

Что мы еще рекомендуем?


5-летний опыт разработки программного обеспечения для государственных и коммерческих компаний, позволил нам собрать большое портфолио готовых программных продуктов для решения бизнес-задач.


Мы можем предложить вам услуги по разработке программного обеспечения, проектированию, монтажу, наладке и ремонту локальных вычислительных сетей, а также профессиональному IT-образованию.

Учебный центр

Профессиональное IT-обучение является нашим главным преимуществом. У нас более 60 учебных программ по различным направлениям. Начиная с офисных пакетов и заканчивая языками программирования.