UZGPS – is the effective key for controlling and observing transport means using!

Fleet management system UZGPS – is the system which is based on the registration of geographical position of moveable objects on the basis of satellite  navigation system, cellular and radio  communication, computer engineering and digital maps.


  • Itinerary, geographical zone and POI assignment.
    • Setting up and creation of Group of objects and icon of the objects.
    • Determination of object location, mileage, time on the way, the amount of stops, the amount of refuels, fuel consumption/drain, turning on/off the car and etc.
    • Data of drivers – who is driving/ was driving;
    • Driving style determination (including speed violation);
    • Automobile towing information and moving with switched off engine;
    • Oil level and temperature, tire pressure, functioning capacity, temperature and humidity.
    • Information about opening/closing of automobile doors/bonnet/trunk.
    • Access to the Web accounting; announcement receiving into the e-mail or mobile terminals.
    • Two-sided communication with the driver (audio and video).
    • Anti-driving away function
    • Integration of accounting system into the financial and business records of the customer.




  • The current program was developed by the group of well-qualified professionals who have the experience in cloud system developing on the basis of Uzbek Company.
  • The system was developed taking into account the latest global trends and technologies.
  • It has the opportunity to add the necessary changes at the discretion of the customer.  
  • The absence of license deduction into freely convertible currency.
  • The ability to connect a big amount of trackers (10 000 trackers on one server, the system may be expanded by “cloning” of the System).
  • Compatibility with API trackers Teltonika FM 1100 and 5300, and has the adaptation features with the trackers of other companies.
  • The system allows to use smartphones as tracker via Mobile application UZGPS -IOS, Android.
  • Flexible constantly improving billing platform with CRM function lets establish individual tariff plan.
  • The ability to create own MAP server.
  •  Mobile version of the moveable objects monitoring system.


We provide services to the large enterprises with big carport, as well as to small business and private individuals:

  • Freight transportation Sphere
  • International traffic
  • Sphere of retail and commerce
  • Agro-industrial complex
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Sphere of lease
  • Energy
  • Passenger ground transportation
  • Medicine
  • Personal tracking




Что мы еще рекомендуем?


5-летний опыт разработки программного обеспечения для государственных и коммерческих компаний, позволил нам собрать большое портфолио готовых программных продуктов для решения бизнес-задач.


Мы можем предложить вам услуги по разработке программного обеспечения, проектированию, монтажу, наладке и ремонту локальных вычислительных сетей, а также профессиональному IT-образованию.

Учебный центр

Профессиональное IT-обучение является нашим главным преимуществом. У нас более 60 учебных программ по различным направлениям. Начиная с офисных пакетов и заканчивая языками программирования.