Who we are


“BePro  center of programmers” was established on the 1st of April 2004 on the basis of the order #14 (14th of January) of Communication and  Informatition Agency “Measures for the preparation and supporting of young programmers and creation of conditions for improving of domestic software ”; and for execution of Decree of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan # PD 3080 “About further computerization development and  implementation of Informational Technologies. ” (30th of May).








“BePro center of programmers” is one of the leading companies in IT- sphere. Our software development is successfully implemented into various companies. We were the winners in the different IT- nominations more than once. Partnership with worldwide IT-companies shows the quality provided by us and confidence from the direction of our customers.

  1. More than 50 software development and implementation  projects has been fulfilled;
  2.  Doppix operating system was recognized as  the best product of 2008;
  3.  Our Centre is the member of Microsoft IT Academy program and authorized business partner of IBM company;
  4. The Centre was repeatedly recognized as the best Training Centre in 2012;
  5. More than 7500 people was qualified;
  6. More than 1000 people  took certificates of Prometric and Pearson VUE;
  7. We have 3 branch offices in Samarkand, Bukhara and Urgench;
  8.  Centre specialists obtain international certificates of such companies as Microsoft, IBM, RedHat Linux.

BePro training center is the official representative of Prometric and Pearson Vue companies. These two companies are the leading ones in the sphere of testing and official certificates issue on more than 600 nominations. 


We follow the principle of complex work with the customer and actualize our projects as system or project integrators that mean we are not only developing and implementing software, but also find solutions for successful project starting.

Generally, services provided by our Company may be classified as follows:


  • Automation of conception development;
  • Company’s business-process analyzing;
  • Technical specification development;

LAN construction and engineering

  • Equipment purchase  (if it is required);
  • Erection work of network equipment;
  • Network Equipment installation (including server and working stations);
  • Software Setup;

Software developing and implementing

  • Software Package development;
  • Software Package implementing;

Customer’s specialists training

  • Training based on working with software package;
  • Training based on specialized courses;

Maintenance services of computer network, and implemented software

  • Current user support and training of the new employee;
  • Assistance in proper groups creating and technical support.


The group of graduates of our Training Center was organized in order to embody software projects development for our customers in 2005. At the present time the group of developers consists of more than 40 experienced specialists. There are more than 50 hi-tech projects in the portfolio of our Centre.

Software development

We are developing software of any complexity and purpose to solve various problems. Nowadays a great number of projects in national and regional scale have been implemented.

· Briquetted coal delivery software system was worked out for “Uzbekcoal” Joint- Stock company.

· Broadcasting manage services were developed for «UzDigitalTV» Ltd.

· ScanData software is the program which includes the option of symbol recognition.

· “Motor Transport AAT” system has been developed and implemented into practice for Uzbek Agency of Automobile and River Transport.

· Buyurtma.uz System has been successfully implemented to automate the process of supply, matching and application approval for the entering permission into the building. This system is functioning in The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

· Automated voting system has been developed and implemented into the Cabinet of Ministers of Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan. This system provides IT voting and deputies’ speech.

Creation of IT-infrastructure

Likewise, with the help of our specialists more than 20 projects have been fulfilled in the field of engineering, construction and local computer network setting. Here is the short list of our customers, functioning in the fields which were mentioned above:

· Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Uzbekistan

· Republican Perinatal Centre.

· “Uztemiryolconteiner” Jsc.

· “Uzbekenergo” Jsc.

· “ShurtanGazMaxsulot” Ltd.

·  PSA realization group under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Что мы еще рекомендуем?


5-летний опыт разработки программного обеспечения для государственных и коммерческих компаний, позволил нам собрать большое портфолио готовых программных продуктов для решения бизнес-задач.


Мы можем предложить вам услуги по разработке программного обеспечения, проектированию, монтажу, наладке и ремонту локальных вычислительных сетей, а также профессиональному IT-образованию.

Учебный центр

Профессиональное IT-обучение является нашим главным преимуществом. У нас более 60 учебных программ по различным направлениям. Начиная с офисных пакетов и заканчивая языками программирования.